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11351 Callahan Creek Rd
Harrisburg, MO, 65256
United States


Our 80 acre farm is situated in the green and rolling hills of central Missouri, just north of the Missouri River.

Located about 30 minutes northwest of Columbia, the 80 acre farm contains pastures, woods, ponds and Prairie Creek. As a small family farm dedicated to creating a sustainable livelihood from the land, we strive to produce excellent cheese while protecting the water quality of our watershed, enhancing our soils with natural fertilizers, and improving biodiversity. To implement these principles, we have taken steps such as feeding our goats with a management-intensive grazing system, heating our home and dairy with hot water from an outdoor wood burning furnace, and using whey, a cheese making by-product, in our fields as fertilizer.

Goatsbeard Farm is one of a few family farms in Missouri which is also a commercial goat dairy producing cheese. We have a herd of about 50 goats, and it is from their milk that all of our delicious fresh and aged cheeses are crafted. By remaining relatively small, and maintaining high standards at each stage of production, we can assure our customers the freshest, highest quality cheese—unlike any cheese you’ve tried before!