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11351 Callahan Creek Rd
Harrisburg, MO, 65256
United States


We offer the following goat cheeses at Goatsbeard Farm:  Fresh Rounds, Fresh Tubs, Soft-Ripened Cheese, Feta and Aged Raw Milk Cheese.

Fresh Rounds

The following fresh cheeses are all made from pasteurized goat milk, culture, enzymes and salt.

  • Plain Round: a hand-ladled fresh cheese, mild and creamy, excellent for slicing or marinating.  Minimum weight 4 oz. ($6.00)
  • Pepper Round: a plain round of fresh cheese, rolled in cracked black pepper. Mininum 4 oz. ($6.00)
  • Herb Round: a plain round of fresh cheese, rolled in dried Herbes de Provence—tarragon, thyme, rosemary, basil, savory, organic lavender flowers and fennel seed. Minimum 4 oz. ($6.00)
  • Marinated Slices: a plain round, sliced and placed in extra virgin olive oil with herbes de provence, whole black peppercorns, and sun-dried tomatoes. Minimum 4 oz. of cheese ($7.50)





  • Plain Tub: a fresh goat cheese, mild and creamy, softer than the Plain Round, and suitable for spreading or mixing. 5 oz. ($6.00)
  • Herb Tub: fresh cheese, soft and spreadable, enhanced by the addition of Herbes de Provence . 5 oz. ($6.00)
  • Garlic Tub: a soft goat cheese, enhanced by the addition of fresh minced garlic grown at Goatsbeard Farm.  Chopped chives are added seasonally.  5 oz. ($6.00)
  • Chipotle Tub: fresh cheese spiced with chipotle—a smoky jalapeno punch. 5 oz. ($6.00)


Prairie Bloom: An aged fresh round with a delicate bloomy rind on the outside and a soft and flavorful center.  Available in a 3 oz. round. ($6.50)

Missouri Moon:  An aged cheese made from pasteurized milk in the style of France's famous Camembert.  Rounds available in two sizes:  the 7 oz. Missouri Moon ($9.00) and the 3.5 oz. Mini Moon ($6.50).

Feta-Style Cheese

Franklin Island Feta:  A young, mild cheese in the Mediterranean tradition of Greek feta.  Made from gently pasteurized goat milk and held in a slightly salty brine.  Available in 4 oz. tubs with brine. ($6.00)

Raw Milk Cheese

Goatsbeard Farm also makes aged cheeses from raw goat’s milk, culture, enzymes and salt. All of these cheeses are aged a minimum of 60 days, some much longer.

  • Moniteau Blue:  A rich, piquant tasting blue-veined cheese, delicious crumbled over salad or served with fruit.  Available in 4 oz. wedges. ($6.50)
  • Pizzicato:  An "aged Provolone" style cheese made from raw milk and aged 10-12 months.  It's sharpness pairs well with salad and Italian style cured meats.  Available in 4 oz. wedges. ($6.50)
  • Taum Sauk:  Named for the highest peak in Missouri, Taum Sauk is a washed-rind cheese similar in style to Gruyere.  Available in 4 oz. wedges. ($6.50)
  • Walloon:  An aged "cheddar-like" cheese with a nutty flavor, this slices and grates well. Delicious on sandwiches, pizzas or salads. Available in 4 oz. wedges. ($6.50)

Note: Retail prices quoted above apply to Farmers' Market sales and on-farm sales.  Please contact us to obtain wholesale prices.