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About Us

The farm is situated in the rolling hills of central Missouri, just north of the mighty Missouri River—about 30 minutes northwest of Columbia. Our 80 acre farm contains pastures, woods, ponds and Prairie Creek. As a small family farm dedicated to creating a sustainable livelihood from the land, we strive to produce excellent cheese while protecting the water quality of our watershed, enhancing our soils with natural fertilizers, and improving biodiversity. To implement these principles, we have taken steps such as feeding our goats with a management-intensive grazing system, heating our home and dairy with hot water from an outdoor wood burning furnace, and using whey, a cheese making by-product, in our fields as fertilizer.

Goatsbeard Farm is one of a few family farms in Missouri which is also a commercial goat dairy producing cheese. We have a herd of about 50 goats, and it is from their milk that all of our delicious fresh and aged cheeses are crafted. By remaining relatively small, and maintaining high standards at each stage of production, we can assure our customers the freshest, highest quality cheese—unlike any cheese you’ve tried before!

The Cheesemakers

Our primary cheesemaker is Ken Muno, who grew up in Michigan and studied Environmental Science at Oakland University. His knowledge and understanding of fine cheeses from around the world developed as he cut and served cheese to customers at Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor. His passion for making similar cheeses soon followed.

Ken’s training in the craft of cheese making began with an apprenticeship at Westfield Farm in Massachusetts, followed by additional training at Yerba Santa Dairy in California. These two dairies produce some of the most highly acclaimed goat cheeses in the country.


Jenn’s beginnings were also in Michigan, although she left the state to earn a degree in Fine Arts/Printmaking at Rice University in Houston. Several summer experiences at organic farms (including Wood Prairie Farm in Maine and Boxelder Acres in Michigan) convinced her of the importance of sustainable agricultural practices, and especially organic farming.

Peter has been a contributing member of the enterprise for six years. He helps herd and feed goats, set up at farmer's market and constantly provides entertainment of one sort or another.

Goatsbeard Farm
11351 Callahan Creek Road
Harrisburg, Missouri  65256
Tel.:  573-875-0706
Email:  kjmuno@tranquility.net

Owners:  Ken and Jennifer Muno

Why We're Called Goatsbeard Farm
Tragopogon dubius, a Missouri wildflower commonly called Goat’s Beard, is a bright lemon-yellow colored member of the daisy family.

It grows to about 2-1/2 feet in height, and is one of the many diverse pasture plants enjoyed by our goats in early summer.